whole artichoke

Artichoke is a vegetable which offers many possibilities in the field of recipes and frozen preparates. The frozen artichoke provided by Pilmifresh is thought to be used in the food industry sector.

Thanks to the freezing process IQF, implemented in all our fruits and vegetables, the frozen artichoke perfectly fits every recipe, dressing or elaborated preparation.


The food industry market needs tasty and quality frozen products, that during their process of freezing maintain their proprieties and the freshness which characterize these vegetables, in this case, the artichoke.

The suitability of our frozen artichoke mainly stands in serving as support in the preparation of ready-to-eat food, by being used in dishes ranging from ready meals to demanding catering.


We can talk about different formats available in Pilmifres. With the aim of adapting to market necessities, we have frozen artichoke chunks or pieces, perfect for vegetable mixes or stir fries, specially useful in the scope of the hotel and catering industry.

Furthermore, the frozen artichoke can be used to prepare nutritious mashes or purees, widen this way the capacity to reach every age bracket. In any case, in Pilmifresh we also supply artichoke juices and artichoke puree.

In the Pilmifresh catalogue you can find our wide range of frozen artichoke following the IQF freezing process and maintaining the quality standards, in formats of: pieces, soup, juice and puree. For more information in relation with the products contact through our form.

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