Its oval shape and characteristic yellowish color makes it stand out from the rest of the fruits. It originated in ancient Asian continent, specifically India. It has been cultivated for over 4000 years.Its aromatic power is such that it can never be confused with any other fruit. Often called the king of all fruits that besides being tasty they offers us a wide variety of benefits.

From its fleshy pulp to its yellow flowers, passing through its leaves, this fruit offers numerous possibilities for consumption. As if that was not enough, mangoes have  many properties and benefits that impact our health directly.



One of the myths surrounding the mango fruit is that it does cause weight gain among those who consume it.

The main concern is the amount of sugar it contains, but nothing could be further from the truth. The calories of the mango are around 60 per 100 grams of portion, so it is an urban legend. In addition, being a satiating fruit, favors a responsible intake.



Among the many benefits of mango, its ability to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes stands out. This quality makes the mango fruit a part of our daily diet. However, it is not the only thing that this tropical fruit can give us.

Mango is one of the most recommended fruits in the diets for pregnant women, as long as it is balanced. This is due to its contribution in vitamins, minerals and iron, but also for its amount of fiber that helps prevent constipation.

Mangoes are also great because they contain a prebiotic fiber that helps have a healthy gut. It also helps us boost our immune system with its powerful antioxidant power.

Mangoes also promote eye health because of the beta carotene it contains. Besides its delicious sweet flavor, it gives us many other health benefits. What else can you ask in a fruit?



Mango is a great ally for those seeking a healthy, balanced diet. Whether you are an athlete or you just want to take care of your diet, the properties of mango are highly recommended for several reasons. Among them, the calories of the mango stand out because they have an important caloric contribution, a high load in minerals and also in vitamins.

If we continue to focus on these contributions, we will see that the caloric part is covered by the carbohydrates contained in its juicy and colored flesh. The amounts of minerals such as magnesium and potassium are abundant in the fruits and vegetables offered by Pilmifresh which makes them beneficial for the body. The vitamins are present in the mango through a high content of pro vitamin A and vitamin C. Mangoes contain two thirds of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin A which is crucial for skin repair.

The amounts of pectin it has its responsible for aiding our cholesterol levels. Besides being one of the most popular fruits around the world its properties and benefits makes mangoes a great addition to our diets.



Two of the main mango fruit producer countries are India and Colombia. At Pilmifresh, we have great partnerships with the main suppliers from these countries to offer the best quality frozen mango to our customers.

The most outstanding varieties of India are the Alphonso mango and the totapuri mango. The totapuri mango, also called ginimoothi, is a variety with a very intense flavor, usually used for juices and concentrates. While the Alphonso mango is recognizable by its more yellow skin than that of common mangoes. They are very soft mangoes, with an intense flavor and 10% more pulp than Spanish mangoes.

On the other hand, from Colombia we bring the famous creole hilacha mango, called among Colombians, its name in the international market is magdalena river. Its pulp is exported because this type of mango contains a very fibrous pulp, in fact is the variety that provides more fiber.

At Pilmifresh, we offer different formats of these three mango varieties. We have pieces of mango, diced mango, mango puree and concentrated mango puree. Our customers can contact us for information and to request these formats and varieties.

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