frozen peach


Let’s talk about this fuzzy peel fruit called peach. The Peach is a fruit recommended for everybody. It is packed with  a wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants. It has many benefits and properties which we will  mention further below this is an ideal fruit for all types of diets.  This fruit that originated in Asia thousands of years ago related to plums, apricots and almonds has a lot to offer us.

The yellowish color with reddish tones, its characteristic and delicate aroma or the sweetness of its juicy flesh makes the peach a tremendously attractive fruit.

Known by different names, the peach has been part of our diet for centuries and has several families, among which we can find white pulp, yellow pulp and pavia type.



Considering the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber you hide under your skin, it’s no wonder the benefits of peach are multiple.

Thanks to its low calorie content and high fibre content, peaches are slimming thanks to their laxative power because it aids with digestion On the other hand, it helps to control blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol.

Minerals such as potassium are beneficial in combating high blood pressure or heart-related problems. As for the vitamins contained in peaches, they help prevent degenerative diseases, cardiovascular or cancer itself. It provides many compounds that seem to be beneficial against some types of cancer.

Another benefits is the ability to help protect our skin, it helps retain the moisture helping improve the skin texture. It also helps reduce allergy symptoms. As we previously mentioned the benefits that this fruits has are many.


The peach provides different nutrients that aid the body’s defenses, providing an extensive range such as fiber, vitamins or minerals, among others.

The properties of peach, as far as vitamins are concerned, include provitamin A, of great antioxidant power, vitamin B and vitamin C. The minerals offered by peach are potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, among others.

Its high fiber content makes it a perfect fruit piece to include in any diet, whatever the purpose of this. A very complete fruit and that, thanks to its sweetness, is easy to eat for everyone.



One of the main countries producing peach fruit is Spain. In Pilmifresh we have Spanish suppliers to offer the best quality frozen peach to our customers.

There are two types of yellow peaches, clingstone and freestone. The first ones are generally harvested from May to August. They are very sweet and soft, ideal for pastry recipes. While the freestone variety is usually ripe from May to October. They are perfect for cooking, as they are firmer and a little less sweet than the clingstone variety.

Another variety is the Paraguayan peach, which is only produced in Spain, mostly in Murcia and Aragon. The Paraguayan peach is liked  for its sweet taste and for its many properties. It is small with a flattened shape and a velvety skin that is finer than conventional peaches. This type of peach is widely consumed in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China.

Peaches can be used in many dishes with its delicate aroma and sweet taste. It gives that special touch to any dish.

At Pilmifresh we offer different formats of these three peach varieties. We have peach chunks, diced peach, halved peach, peach puree and peach concentrate. Our customers can contact us for information and to request these formats and varieties.