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If we talk about peculiar fruits we can’t leave out the blood oranges.  This strange looking fruit just like every other citrus fruit is packed with many health benefits and it is also unique fruit not only because of its appearance but also because of one particular property that we will discuss further below.

The blood orange has a more sour taste than other citrus fruits which makes it ideal to make juices, desserts and even great to marinate.



Blood oranges have many benefits. Let’s begin by mentioning how good it is for our skin but only when it is consumed.  It also gives you protection from UV cell damage.

Blood oranges are also great for people that suffer from digestive problems.  Like we have mentioned before this fruit is a powerhouse it is full of nutrients all of them beneficial for our organism.

It is also good for improvements in metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and obesity.

Another benefit is that is good for your eyes and also it is shown to improve cardiovascular health.

Blood oranges also have anti- inflammatory properties.   They also aid with accumulation of LDL cholesterol.



One of the main properties of the blood orange is beta carotene which is responsible for its reddish color and this helps with the vitamin A.

And of course we can also find vitamin C in its pulp which is essential in the absorption of iron.

Blood oranges have a property that makes it a unique citrus which is the high levels of anthocyanins which is responsible for their intense color and many of the benefits.

Blood oranges are also rich in folic acid and calcium.



In Pilmifresh, we offer frozen blood orange in different formats. We offer blood orange juice, blood orange pulp in slices and in segments. We also offer blood orange peel in strips and in zest   and blood orange dice.

Our customer can contact us for more information on any of these formats or any requests.

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