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One of the most curious, tasty and healthy fruits is named after one of the most beautiful cities in Spain: Granada. In fact, Spain is the leader in pomegranate exports in Europe and one of the countries that exports the most worldwide.

Pomegranate fruit, which has a peculiar appearance with it red jewels as seeds,covered with a thick peel originated in Eastern Europe. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for cultivation and Spain is therefore an ideal country for the growth and export of this fruit.

The seeds are covered with a maroon and juicy pulp with its sweetness that make the pomegranate an excellent fruit to eat. Its attractive appearance makes the pomegranate a fun food to eat also.

In addition, the flavor of its ruby-colored seeds of a versatility to use in a variety of recipes both sweet and savoury. The  pomegranate has a large amount of water and various benefits that give our body some of the nutrients it needs.



The pomegranate besides being tasty it is also one of the healthiest fruits. Pomegranate provides very few calories to the body. A whole pomegranate contains 234 calories. This low calorie value is in part because of its very low carbohydrate content. The pulp of the pomegranate fruit is mostly water.

It also helps reduce inflammation because of it antioxidant properties which also aid with cell damage.  Its anti inflammatory benefits help protect from diseases like Crohn’s , ulcerative diseases and colitis. These antioxidants are also believed to help with alzheimer as they protect memory.

It may also reduced the risk of prostate cancer in men.  It may also be helpful to prevent breast cancer in women .They also protect from free radical which are responsible for premature aging.

The pomegranate benefits muscle activity and acts on cells by balancing their water content, all thanks to the potassium mineral.

This amazing fruit has amazing benefits so it’s a must when it comes to a healthy diet.



The pomegranate contains a  high nutritional value. It has been said before that it is among the healthiest fruits.

One of the greatest properties it has is it high antioxidant content which include tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanin. These antioxidant provide many benefits to our health some of which we previously discussed.

As far as vitamins, the pomegranate fruit has an interesting contribution of vitamin C , which is more than 40% of our daily required intake. It also contains vitamin E, vitamin K, folate and fiber which all them provide numerous benefits to our body.

Finally, and as a curiosity, the pomegranate has been considered by ancient civilizations as fruit of fertility, and could respond to its aphrodisiac power.



One of the main countries producing pomegranate fruit is Spain. At Pilmifresh , we have the best Spanish suppliers to offer the best quality frozen pomegranate to our customers. We also have the option of pomegranates of Turkish origin.

One of the varieties we have is the mollar pomegranate, which has a bright red colour. Its interior is made up of six sections full of edible seeds. This variety has a very fleshy and juicy pulp.  Another variety we have is the pomegranate wonderful, famous for its sweet taste and abundant juice. The grains of this variety have an intense ruby color. Both varieties are excellent for the amount of antioxidants they contain, such as polyphenols.

At Pilmifresh, we have frozen pomegranate grains, pomegranate juice and pomegranate concentrate.

Our customers can contact us for information and request any of these formats.

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