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Now, let’s talk about a superfood called broccoli or as it called by many “a nutritional powerhouse” being that it is a complete and nutritious vegetable. This little green pieces that resemble a small tree are among the healthiest vegetable. There are many guesses about the origin of this vegetable, but is considered by many that it comes from the Italian Coast near the Mediterranean Coast. That is the reason why many Mediterranean recipes contain this fantastic ingredient.

The main benefits of the broccoli focus on the improvement of the health. It helps to prevent multiples diseases and have a huge amount of properties that make this vegetable a key element in our daily diet.



The benefits of the Broccoli are many. Most of them helps with the prevention of diseases and strengthening our Immune system.

This vegetable, low in calories, is very useful to prevent diseases such as Cancer. Particularly lung cancer and colon cancer. The folate it contains helps women fight breast cancer also. No wonder this vegetable is called nutritional powerhouse.

Another great benefit is its ability to improve our bone health thank to the vitamin K it contains. Another great benefit is that it helps fight skin damage caused by pollution or the sun.It improves our skin texture overall.
What’s more, it helps with our digestion helping us prevent constipation. The fiber in broccoli helps regulate the immune system and inflammation.

These and all of other benefits are reason enough to include broccoli in our daily diets.



Now, it’s time to talk about all the properties of this amazing vegetable. As we already know , broccoli is a vegetable with plenty of properties that makes it an excellent ally to improve our health. This vegetable is a must in our diets due to the amount of vitamins and minerals that contributes to our body.

Just one cup of broccoli covers the daily needs of Vitamin C recommended by the doctors, also  more than our required daily intake of  vitamin A plus vitamin K.  It also covers the need of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and B2 (Riboflavin). Both of them help improve our metabolism.

The contribution in minerals is even bigger, offering relevant amounts of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron, helping  transport the oxygen faster to the blood, keeping the heart rate stable or the right functioning of the kidneys. All these properties make this a super vegetable.


In Pilmifresh, we offer you the best frozen broccoli. We have partnered with the best Spanish broccoli producers. We offer the product in multiple formats, such us broccoli florets, broccoli dices and broccoli rice. Also, for the customers that want the Broccoli in Bio, we do have that option in the same formats as we previously mentioned.

Broccoli can be  easily incorporated in your diet. As we previously said it is a must in our diets. It can be used a side dish, in smoothies, or any kind of healthy recipes.

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