Butternut Squash

Butternut squash. Pumpkin


Not only autumn bring beautiful colors of the leaves falling off trees but it also brings a variety of vegetables and fruits. And we cannot talk about autumn without mentioning  the pumpkin, known around the world because of Halloween.  

The butternut squash is a type of pumpkin belong to the family of nutritious and delicious food like the melon or the cucumber. It shares some of the same nutrients, but it goes further. Where did this amazing vegetable came from? Its origin takes us to an area around Mexico and Guatemala. In Spain, it is grown in different areas like Canarias, Andalucia or the Valencian Community. 

The butternut squash is a versatile vegetable that allows us to use it in a variety of recipes and work with its flesh in so many different ways. Being that is a vegetable with so many benefits we have to take advantage of everything that it has to offer.



Its difficult to know where to start when it comes to all the benefits that butternut squash offers . It contributes to better so many parts of  our organism. Let’s start, first let’s talk about how it doesn’t contain sodium which makes it the perfect allied for all of those who are battling with hypertension. It doesn’t stop there it also helps prevent any other disease that comes from hypertension. It helps regulate blood pressure with the help of the potassium content. 

It is also great to help with stomach problems or to aid digestion. It is also great for all those that are trying to lose weight. This thanks to its high fiber content and its filling power and let’s not forget its antioxidant property.  Thanks to its fiber and low carb content it’s great for people with diabetes.

Regardless of how its cooked it never loses its properties which gives us a big advantage. What’s more, our eyes will appreciate it because it also helps prevent degenerative eye diseases. 



The butternut squash has great properties in its hard skin and its delicious flesh. Let’s start with the vitamins. It has vitamin A and C and in lesser quantities some vitamin E and B.  Why is Vitamin A important? Among all of its benefits it helps prevent degenerative eye diseases besides having antioxidant properties. When it comes to minerals, pumpkin contain high amounts of potassium which helps prevent water retention. Plus, it helps eliminate toxins through urine. It also contains other minerals such as calcium , magnesium and iron.

Pumpkins are 90% water which makes it a vegetable very low in calories. The beta carotene that is responsible for  its orange color also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, aiding skin with aging and strengthening our body defenses among other things.



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