The cauliflower is one of the healthiest vegetables and the one that has the highest intake of nutrients for our body. One of the widely known features is its anticancer properties, but its contributions are wider.

Few calories, a minute fat volume, a wide fibre intake and a structure closer to the 92% of water volume. All of these, makes the cauliflower a vegetable to be taken into account in any type of diet, beyond the ones aimed at weight-losing.


The benefits of the cauliflower can be enjoyed in a great variety of formats. It is a highly interesting vegetable to market in the food industry sector thanks to its adaptability in several formats.

On the one hand, we have the cauliflower florets, perhaps the most traditional format of this vegetable. The cauliflower in florets is perfect for its sale in frozen, for sale in Pilmifresh preserving all its freshness and properties.


The possibilities offered by the cauliflower are higher than the ones offered by other types of vegetables. In Pilmifresh we thought about that and due to this reason we added it into our catalog.

Among the diverse formats availables in Pilmifresh, we have cauliflower in cubes, perfecto to prepare tasty and nutritious stir-fries, aimed for people with weight loss diets or looking for a healthier kind of cooking.

We also provide cauliflower rice, a perfect format for the carbohydrates replacement. Cauliflower rice is specially useful to accompany other vegetables, such as onion or garlic, and to be eaten in a more nutritious and healthier way without leaving the taste aside.


In Pilmifresh we think about making this easier to our clients, due to this we make available in our catalog,  multiple formats to be introduced in the food industry sector.

Visit the Pilmifresh website and look up our catalog, there you will find cauliflower in florets, cauliflower in cubes and cauliflower rice. It is also available in ecological format.

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