We make no secret of the fact that, nowadays, we are living in a society marked by immediacy. These are times of hustle in which it is really difficult to stop and do some things in our daily life routine. It is clear that cooking and eating healthy is among them.

Having said this, in Pilmifresh we are committed to healthy eating habits, and because of this, we believe that there are different formulas to balance with current times. Due to this we are able to offer a wide range of frozen vegetables preparations for the food industry.


Thanks to a cutting-edge and a highly-efficient frozen process of vegetables, we achieve to maintain the quality of our food. This way, in Pilmifresh we assure about offering a product according to market demands and centered in the food and beverage industry necessities.

With the aim of adding smart solutions and a variety of products, we have a wide variety of frozen vegetables for the preparation of mixes or preparations. Therefore, Pilmifresh offers a comfortable way of consuming high quality vegetables.


The list of frozen vegetables for preparations available in Pilmifresh’s catalogue is long and varied. For example, we provide broccoli or cauliflower, perfect to combine with other food types and take advantage of its numerous benefits; mushrooms and artichokes, perfect for sauté; or pumpkin and carrot, useful either  in salty and sweet recipes.

In addition to the vegetables variety, its quality and flavour, we must add the vast cutting range in which they are available. In Pilmifresh we believe in making things easy for our clients, giving them choice and availability of product.

Due to this, the available frozen vegetables for food preparations in the food and beverage industry is provided in pieces, halves, cubes, slices or as a whole piece, purees, concentrates, juices or concentrate juices, among others. Contact us for more information.

One thought on “Frozen vegetable for food preparations

  1. Mona Emad says:

    Dear. Sales \ Purchasing Manager
    Have a good day.

    I am looking forward to direct contact with Sales \ Purchasing manager
    to discuss availability of supplying frozen vegetables & fruits .
    we are a leading Egyptian producer of frozen fruits & vegetables and more .
    we can provide to different varieties of frozen fruits & vegetables up to their season as ( IQF artichokes bottom – IQF mango ) also we are preparing to the new season of strawberry – cauliflower – broccoli .

    So Looking forward to discuss more details
    Best Regards.
    Mona Emad
    Green fields Alex. for food industries .

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