Food uses of the pomegranate kernels

kernels pomegranate

Among the autumn fruits we can find several pieces which because of their colour, flavour or peculiar appearance highlight over fruits from other seasons. It is a rich season talking about fruit production which gives us the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful, tasty and capricious fruits we know: the pomegranate.

The pomegranate is a fruit rich in nutrients, full of benefits for our health and recommended at any age. Pomegranate kernels’ great peculiarity lies in its seeds, an edible part of the inside which is remarkable due to its appearance and sweetness, and also for its versatility in cooking.


The frozen pomegranate kernels or pomegranate seeds available at Pilmifresh are ready to use in the food industry, ensuring their quality and freshness during the most optimal freezing processes. Thanks to that, its use in ready made dishes as fresh salads is a rich and healthy choice.

The possibilities also range from the accompaniment in cold desserts to dairy products as yogurts, ice cream or confectionery. For example, pomegranate kernels are the perfect accompaniment to cover a tart or accompany a natural yogurt.


In Pilmifresh we offer frozen pomegranate kernels for several preparations which go beyond the use of its original format. Thanks to the high quality freezing process applied to our products, the pomegranate kernels can be used to prepare delicious combinations.

This way, the pomegranate kernels are perfect to elaborate, in the food industry sector, preparates as the pomegranate sorbet, pomegranate drinks or juices combining with other fruits, grenadine syrup for cocktails or garnish for ready made dishes.

From Pilmifresh, we make available the best quality frozen pomegranate kernels for the food and beverage industry. Visit our webpage to request more information.

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