Fruit cubes, a healthy touch for yogurt

yogurt fruit cubes

Frozen fruit is a highly interesting product to be combined with different food. Useful to season rich salads, delicious cakes, or, in this particular case, tasty yogurts which thanks to the contribution of fruit, enhance its benefits in the health area.

To start with, it is important to highlight that the main value of yogurts is its high calcium volume. In modest amounts, it is a great ally to sportsmen. Because of this, to achieve a more complete product, the frozen fruit in cubes offered by Pilmifresh is the perfect companion.


Pilmifresh’s frozen fruit cubes preserve all fruit nutrients, adding a spark of freshness that is thanked by the customer. Due to the fruit/yogurt mixture, we get a tasty and healthy product at the same time.

It has to be taken into account that, for example, a yogurt with apricot cubes helps to fulfill several daily needs of the body, since we take advantage of the fruit vitamins and minerals as we add the calcium from the yogurt.

This was we can combine the dairy and fruit intake in one complete food which will delight the costumers in different stages of the day; Whether it is to start the day with a perfect breakfast, to recharge in an afternoon snack after a hard working day or to close the day with a fresh and delicious food.


The frozen fruit offered by Pilmifresh enhance the possibilities to enjoy different sparks of flavor mixed with the yogurt. Due to this, the costumer can enjoy the tropical touch of pineapple or mango fruit cubes in its yogurt, or, to opt for other experiences, for example, the Mediterranean flavors, such as, the pear.

In Pilmifresh can be found a wide variety of frozen fruit in cubes for the food industry: from apricot, peach, apple, pear, kiwi, avocado, pineapple, mango fruit or strawberry to grapefruit, yuzu, lime, lemon, orange and blood orange. Contact us for more information.

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