If there is an ingredient that can not be missed in any kitchen is the garlic. This vegetable provides countless benefits for our health, being advisable to everybody and easy to incorporate in many recipes.

The garlic has a peculiar flavour which gives it not only the category of food, but also the seasoning category. With it, we can prepare several applications to cook and even to prepare cosmetics. As we will see below, its uses are varied.


The garlic is the perfect vegetable to keep us healthy, and at the same time, to provide its touch of flavour to our dishes. Moreover, the garlic sold in Pilmifresh maintains its freshness and is available in whole pieces and dices, for a better implementation in the food industry.

Thanks to the whole piece format it can be prepared delicious sauces to dress meats or fishes. On the other hand, the whole garlics available at Pilmifresh can be used to prepare pickles combinations or mixed with other vegetables, uses of easy application in the food industry sector.

Garlic in dices is another format of great usefulness to prepare mixes for the kitchen, whether it is at an industrial or household level. What matters is to provide comfortability while using the product, and thanks to the frozen garlic dices format it can be available in an accurate and needed quantity according to what we aim to prepare.


The garlic, as a vegetable with healthy properties for the body, has a wide range of performance. This ranges from the food to the world of teas or even cosmetics.

Our different formats of frozen garlic, for wholesale, can cover the different applications mentioned before.So, whole garlic or diced garlic is perfect to prepare healthy teas combined, for example, with ginger, or to different applications in the cosmetics universe. In Pilmifresh we have available whole garlic pieces and garlic dices, frozen with all the warranties in the preservation of quality and freshness. Visit our catalog to get a close look to our variety of vegetables and fruits. For more information, you can contact us through the form.

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