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So now let’s talk about this amazing  and unusual shaped plant that has endless benefits and properties, ginger.

Used mainly in the kitchen because of its aroma. It adds that exotic and special touch to any recipe. Besides, its spicy flavor it also gives that little spark to your dishes.

This plant is full of curiosities, let’s begin mentioning its multiple therapeutic uses.  It is what we call a folk medicine used since ancient times. It has been employed to relieve many different kind of sicknesses. 

It originated in Asia in countries like India , China and some arabic countries.  Its medicinal properties has been used since ancient times like it was mentioned before. It has become known all over the world and now the Asian culture has exported the uses of ginger all around the globe.



It is not secret of all the health benefits that ginger can provide us. It is among the healthiest roots. Therefore, it is what we call a superfood.  One if its main benefits is its anti inflammatory properties. It is also great to lower the level of phlegm and mucus when you have a cold because of its antibacterial power.

Ginger also helps fight respiratory diseases,it clears the airways giving relief and helping the affected areas.

Another great benefit of  the ginger root is the use for digestive problems. It helps relieve gastrointestinal irritation .It helps with diarrhea. It  also protects the stomach. What’s more , it helps with symptoms related with motion sickness like dizziness , nausea, and vomiting.

There is a variety of benefits that ginger offer us besides the ones we have mentioned. It’s an aid for weight loss, fights migraines and even stress.



Ginger is rich in essential oils therefore, it’s anti inflammatory and has the power to help with a good blood circulation through our blood vessels.

The ginger root has a high percentage of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Vitamin B6 helps the enzymes work properly, which is important because these are the proteins that regulate the chemical processes of the body. 

Let’s talk about the vitamin C. As we all know vitamin C is essential when it comes to fighting colds and in the repair of body tissues. You can find Vitamin C in a variety of fruits and vegetables sold by Pilmifresh.

When it comes to the minerals in ginger we find calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Therefore, ginger is useful to strengthen bones.



Ginger can be taken  in any way.  If you chew it you can feel the spicy taste and that spark we talked about previously.  You can also enjoy a delicious ginger tea with lemon. You can also extract some juice or grated to add it to any of your dishes for that extra flavor.



Frozen ginger is available in Pilmifresh in two formats keeping properties of fresh ginger in both of them. We offer ginger in dices and ginger puree.

Thanks to this frozen options that we offer or customers can enjoy ginger in different recipes. For more information please contact us.

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