frozen grapefruit


Like all citrus fruits popular for its numerous health benefits grapefruit is no different. Liked around the globe because it is perfect to be included in a well- balanced breakfast with its colorful flesh, grapefruit makes a great healthy addition to your diet.

Its origin its unknown but we assume it originated in Asia like all citrus fruit. It is closely related to grapefruit even though it has a sweeter taste. It characterizes by its thick rind and its size.

Grapefruit belongs to a group of fruits called hesperidium, which its main characteristics are to have a juicy pulp and a thick rind.  This fruit contains a variety of health benefits which we will mention below.



This highly nutritious fruit is a good source for antioxidants which gives the benefit to fight prostate and esophagus cancer and can prevent and reverse cellular damage. They also contain an anti inflammatory antioxidant called lycopene which we can also find it in tomatoes.

Grapefruit is also ideal to fight constipation thanks to the amount of water and fiber it contains. The fiber helps improve our digestive health plus it also makes you feel fuller for a longer time making it great for people who are trying to lose weight.

Another great benefit that grapefruit offers us is the effect it has on our skin. It has an anti aging effect, it helps protects our skin from damage caused by the sun helping you maintain a more youthful appearance thanks to the vitamin C in it, which helps with the production of collagen.

It also helps with muscle function with the help of some of the minerals in it. It fortifies bones and it also helps maintain a good heart health.

Besides being nutritious and tasty which makes it easy to add to our diets its give usa wide variety of benefits.



Grapefruit is a fruit very low in calories being that its main component is water.  It is also packed with vitamin C like every other citrus fruit and folic acid like most fruits and vegetables. Consuming grapefruit can help you meet the daily requirement of vitamin C that our body requires.

It contains beta carotene that help with the production of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps our body in different ways. It helps our skin, eyes and hair.

When it comes to minerals in the grapefruit it contains magnesium which is optimal for our muscle function. It also contains potassium, which is essential in the production of protein  and it helps maintain a normal blood pressure. It also helps with the intake of carbohydrates.  It also contains phosphorus, calcium,  iron , zinc and manganese in smaller amounts.

One grapefruit contains around 6 grams of fiber and like we mentioned before it is rich in antioxidants like lycopene, naringenin and naringin.



In Pilmifresh , we offer grapefruit juice and concentrate in different varieties which are ideal to start your day. Grapefruit puree, quick and easy to eat, grapefruit pulp to take advantage of all its benefits and grapefruit oil.

We offer frozen grapefruit in different formats :  grapefruit in slices,  grapefruit in segments with or without skin.  As well as grapefruit rind in whole slices,  strips and zest.

Thanks to all these formats that we offer our clients can enjoy this great fruit in many different kind of recipes.  Please contact us for more information.

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