Among citrics we find a great variety of fruits which are full of properties rich in benefits to our body.  It is food with multiple possibilities which serves either to be the main ingredient in a dish  or to be used as accompaniment. Among them, the grapefruit remarks on certain features.

With endless contributions to our immune system and a peculiar look and colour, the grapefruit is one of the great unknowns in the world of citrics. From Pilmifresh, we work on its marketing in different formats.


Perhaps, one of the most unknown formats which has a higher impact in the food industry could be the grapefruit cells. Suitable for a variety of uses, grapefruit’s cells preserve all the properties of its nutritious pulp, providing its benefits  to every food that it accompanies.

The grapefruit in the food and beverage industry is used to be combined with other fruits and citrics in juices, garnish in exotic dishes or in portions for food in the fitness market.In its case, the juice vesicles enhance and boost the qualities of the other food.


Thanks to its peculiar flavour, which perfectly suits with either salt or sweet food, the grapefruit cells, available format in Pilmifresh together with dices, slices of grapefruit gratings, are used in fruit drinks, confectionary, soft drinks, ready meals or to add substance into juices, purees or even ice creams.

This way, in Pilmifresh we are updated and prepared to fulfill the needs in the market of the food and beverage industry. We offer the best quality products, applying the highest standards processes to achieve grapefruit cells suitable to be used in the food industry. Contact us for more information.

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