green beans

The green beans are a food with high beneficial features for our body. It can be used to accompany different types of dishes, combined or as garnishing. Furthermore, the green beans can be mixed with other types of vegetables to get really tasty and nutritive mixes.

In Pilmifresh we offer the food industry sector with an integral solution to prepare different types of elaborations by using our frozen green beans. Thanks to the IWF freezing process we achieve the perfect quality for its use in the industry.


One of the most common uses of the frozen green bean is based in the frozen vegetable mixes, being this one of the main stars in the mix. It can be mixed with other vegetables known as green or in frozen bags with other food prepared to use straightforwardly in a pan.

As we highlighted previously, the IQF freezing process makes us assure the best quality of our products, offering in this case green beans with the best quality and the highest respect for its nutrients and properties. Perfect to accompany any rice or preparations for fresh salads.


With regard to the comfortability of our customers, we can say that this is a priority for us. Because of that we offer different green bean formats to adapt ourselves to the needs of the businesses which look for our product.

This way, you can look for fine, very fine or extra fine green beans, with their respective packing prepared to ease its transport and conservation. Moreover, to fulfill the highest number of possible needs we also offer cut green beans.

In Pilmifresh you will find frozen green beans in different formats, apart from being able to add them to our frozen mixes. For more information visit our page and do not hesitate to contact through our form.

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