Green kaew mango, nutritious and tasty


The green kaew mango is one of the exotic fruits most integrated around the world. Its juicy and tasty interior perfectly combines with different recipes, whether dishes or drinks. Furthermore, the hues held by the green kaew mango are appealing because of its eye-catching colour.

Due to this, it is not surprising that the green mango kaew popularity is increasing, since the possibilities offered by this food are many and this way, it is easy to enjoy its benefits and properties, no matter the taste of the user.


The green kaew mango dice, available in Pilmifresh’s catalog, have several use options in the food and beverage industry. This way, we offer green kaew mango for the preparation of, for instance, tasty shakes or nutritive juices enhanced with milk.

On the other hand, there are other applications for the green kaew mango which have little to do with drinks or cocktails. We are talking about recipes as hot sauces for ready-made dishes or cold sauces for snacks.


Thanks to the cutting and frozen process carried out in Pilmifresh, we ensure both the quality and properties of our products, in this case the green kaew mango dices, maintain all their freshness so that the customer can taste them in the best way.

In Pilmifresh we believe in product innovation, and because of this we pay utmost care in our food raw materials. For all these reasons we think in the comfort of our users and we look forward to easing the integration of green kaew mango dices in the food industry area committed to it.

In the webpage of Pilmifresh is available a wide portfolio of fruits and vegetables for the food and beverage industry. We provide mango fruit dices or pieces from the kaew, alphonso, totapuri, magdalena and kent varieties. If you need more information, you can consult throughout our form.

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