hot green pepper jalapeño


Jalapeño peppers have become popular all around the world  for two reasons:  the popularity that the Mexican cuisine has reached and soft spicy flavor that makes it great for anyone to eat.  It originated in Xalapa ,Mexico. Therefore, its name.

Jalapeño peppers are always a great option to add that special touch to any of our dishes. From savoury to sweet dishes, jalapeños can just add the special touch to our dishes. It is very easy to integrate to any dish being that could be eaten at any maturation stage.

So let’s just leave besides it special spicy stage. Jalapeño pepper is a vegetable with lots of benefits. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and thanks to its flavor and  being that is easy to add to any recipe we can easily take advantage of its properties and benefits.



Jalapeño peppers contain something called Capsaicin which it is what add that special spicy taste. Capsaicin gives the jalapeno peppers anti inflammatory properties being a great allied fighting those diseases  that can cause inflammation and pain  to organs.

Another great benefit of the jalapeño pepper it’s aid in weight loss. It helps boost your metabolism and it is a natural fat burner.

Jalapeños also help clear the airways. It means that you can breathe easier with the help of jalapenos.

What’s more, it is also a great allied to fight cardiovascular diseases. It repairs and strengthens the blood vessels naturally which means that it helps prevent any kind of disease that can cause a heart attack.



When it comes it properties the first thing we are going to mention is Vitamin A which is beneficial for our skin , our sight and it strengthens our bones and teeth. Vitamin A is vital  in any kind of diet and we cannot leave it out.

Jalapeño pepper also contains B1 and B2 knows as thiamine and riboflavin which contribute to the production of stomach acids. It is worth mentioning that it contains Vitamin C .

When it comes to mineral it contains which are an important property of the jalapeño pepper we have the calcium. As we all know calcium is important in the development of bones and teeth but it also helps in keep a healthy heart rate.

Jalapeños also contains iron and potassium that help fight diseases like anemia, help produce protein and better the intake of carbohydrates.



We offer frozen jalapeños in different formats, just keeping the freshness and properties that the jalapeño offers us in every single one of them. We offer frozen jalapeños and depending on your needs we also offer them in different cuts:  jalapeño slices,  jalapeño dices, jalapeño in thick strips.

All these formats can be incorporated in different kinds of recipes and take advantage of all the great properties and benefits it has to offer.  For more information please contact us.

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