frozen lemon


If we are going to discuss medicinal fruits we cannot forget this bright, yellow fruit full of vitamins , minerals and antioxidants. Lemons originated in Southeast Asia in Chinese territory.

Being a popular fruit nowadays which makes it the perfect ally for our recipes and for our health. Lemons are a very versatile fruit.

Lemon is definitely an experience with its refreshing aroma and its amazing flavor giving our baked good, sauces, dressing, drinks and desserts that special touch.

Besides all of these amazing uses that we can give to the lemon it is extremely beneficial for our health.



The benefits of the lemon come from its juicy pulp even its thick rind.  One of the first benefits we are going to mention that the lemon gives us is helping us maintain safe PH levels.  This process helps reduce the levels of acidity in our organism.

Another benefit is that the citric acid in lemons help prevent kidney stones. It creates a less favorable environment for the stone formation.  The flavonoids in the lemon  may also lower the risk of a stroke in women.   It is also beneficial to help lower blood pressure.

Lemons and lemon juice have been linked also to cancer prevention with the help of the antioxidant it contains. It has been found that it helps people with asthma and it also helps with the absorption of iron preventing anemia.

It strengthen our immune system  and it also aids in weight loss.



Like any other citrus fruits lemons are high in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is essential for our health. One lemon can provide 51% of our required daily intake of vitamin C.

Lemons contain soluble pectin fiber which helps you feel fuller for a longer amount of time.  It also improves gut health. This fiber reduces blood sugar levels.

It also contains potassium and magnesium.

Lemon are packed with nutrients that give us a high number of health benefits.



In Pilmifresh we offer different formats of lemon. We offer lemon NFC, lemon juice concentrate, lemon puree, lemon cells we also offer frozen lemon in slices and in wedges.   Regarding frozen lemon peels we can offer them  in strips , dice, and zest format

Our clients can contact us to request more information or any of these formats.

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