lemon zest

Lemon is one of the most complex citrus fruits out there. Not only for its numerous properties, but also for all the uses it provides as a whole. There is no excuse to begin enjoying the benefits this delicious citrus fruit has in store.

It is curious that besides its delicious juice, the freshness of its flesh or its nutritious vesicles, one of the most useful and beneficial parts is the skin. That being said, we will focus on lemon zest, a nutritious food and full of potential benefits.


Any respectable recipe or dish must have the appropriate balance between healthy properties and flavour in order to be tasty and nourishing. One can combine lemon and other types of food effortlessly, something that helps us introduce lemon zest perfectly in multitude of meals, using all its nutrients at the same time.

Lemon zest is a perfect ingredient to dress salads, sauces or even soups, providing that spark so common in citrus fruits.   As a result, we can enhance the nuances of flavour in other foods, bearing in mind it contains vitamin C, essential oils and different types of acid such as malic and formic.


The lemon zest we offer in Pilmifresh is created for the food and beverage industry sector. Its addition to different products is simple and trouble-free thanks to our processes in the treatment of food, which help in maintaining the freshness of the product and offer at the same time, all the versatility needed.

Whether it be for the preparation of dressings in ready made meals, as can be fish meals, part of sides in desserts, or seasoning in cocktails or other drinks, lemon zest is the perfect ingredient to enhance the flavour of any food.

In the catalogue of Pilmifresh you will be able to find lemon zest, as well as other products coming from this fruit. In addition, we offer zest of other citrus fruits, all of which preserve their spark, freshness and nutrients unaltered.

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