Lime zest

Citrus fruit zest are part of this widely used fruit family, which offers benefits, scent and taste with just a little. Its harnessing is complete when we talk about its possibilities in the food industry.

There are several sectors which can take advantage of its proprieties. Obviously, in the health field it has great features, but we are going to focus on its applications.


Lime zest is a key piece in the restaurant sector due to its aromatic contribution which adds a special touch to pastries, cakes or bakery products. Thanks to the Pilmifresh products freezing the quality of the final product is assured.

Furthermore, our different sizes are thought to satisfy the needs of both big and small companies, prioritizing this way the customer interests to offer them the highest comfortability.


Not only in the food industry, lime zest is a useful and demanded product in the cocktail industry. More than ten years experience in this business showed us that the packs or adding preparates for cocktails are increasingly useful.

At this point, Pilmifresh and its lime zest (or other products as citrus fruit slices) play an essential part, providing businesses in the sector with a high quality product which satisfies their demands. Moreover, the size of the zest is optimum for different purposes.


Its usefulness also covers the tea world, candies, jams and compotes…Lime zest, one of the best citrus fruit zests is suitable in endless preparations. Whether to give a colour and scent touch  or to reinforce an industrial mixture, is essential in the sector.

In Pilmifresh you can find lime zest, and also other frozen citrus fruits in slices, cubes or strips. Contact through our form to know more about our frozen fruit and vegetable line.

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