In the world of vegetables there is such a variety of products as ways of consuming them. The versatility generally owned by the vegetables, allows us to be able to enjoy them as we fancy. Thin cuts, thick, in cubes or in slices…If any of these formats highlights among the rest, it is the onion rings.

We can talk about tradition, even about a ritual, when we refer to the onion rings and social meetings. There are no few times  when we have enjoyed this rich vegetable, covered by a great batter-breading  and shared with friends and relatives. In Pilmifresh, we offer frozen onion rings in different formats, thought to its marketing in the food industry sector.


The onion is a vegetable that fits with almost any savoury food. In the case of onion rings, we are also talking about a special format for different applications. They can accompany sandwiches, rolls or prepared burgers, or be used as a traditional appetizer.

In any case, it is important not only the quality of the product which is the highest in Pilmifresh thanks to our frozen process, but also how it is presented. Due to this, and thinking in the current market needs, we believe it is convenient to offer a certain variety of formats in our onion rings.

This way, frozen onion rings from the Pilmifresh catalog can be breaded, perfect to accompany prepared dishes which range from meat to fish, or batter-breaded, ideal to commercialize them in the food industry market as snack for social meetings, appetizer for events or, simply as tiny appetite between meals.


Aiming to get the biggest amount of consumers as possible, in Pilmifresh we take care in their tastes. Thanks to continuous market research we decided to add to the frozen onion rings a spicy touch that many people look for when they are combined with spicy sauces.

As a result, we make available  to our customers the frozen and spicy onion rings, bringing together the flavours to get an extra spark touch from the already refreshing onion.

In pilmifresh we can find breaded onion rings, batter-breaded onion rings and spicy onion rings. You can visit our catalog to look for other vegetable snacks. If you wish, you can also consult any query through our contact form.

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