orange properties and benefits


These bright fruits which are popular around the globe originated in Asia thousands of years ago. Since ancient times , oranges have been related with gods and have been considered really special fruits.

Oranges are easy to find like it was mentioned before, it’s a pretty popular fruit.  Besides its refreshing flavor it has many great benefits for our body being that they are packed with nutrients.

On top of all of this, oranges are a very versatile fruit not only can we eat as a snack or dessert but we can also use it to make cocktails,  sauces even it is rind it’s pretty useful.

It was introduced in Spain by the Arabic culture.


Oranges are great to start our day.  Some people would prefer a glass of orange juice or  a whole orange as a  part of a healthy breakfast. One of the first benefits we are going to mention is the effect it has  in our digestive system.  The fiber in oranges have many health benefits not only it helps our digestive system but it is also an aid for weight loss and cholesterol.

Oranges are also recommended for people who suffer from anemia because even though  oranges are not high in iron they help with iron absorption.  Another great benefit of the orange is strengthening our immune system and we all know it  is good to fight colds.

It is also believed that oranges may reduce the risk of certain cancers just like it also believed that it prevents kidney stones formation. It is good for our heart and eye health also and we cannot forget to mention that is great for our skin.


Like all citrus fruits oranges have a high content of vitamin C.  Other vitamins found in oranges  is vitamin B1 known as thiamine and also folate. They are also a good source of fiber.

When it comes to minerals oranges are also a good source of potassium as well as  magnesium, manganese, selenium and copper.

Oranges are also rich in plant compounds which are believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits that oranges have.


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