Peel of citrus fruit, the spark of infusions

citrus peel for infusions

It is widely known that citrus fruit have multiple benefits to human body. Citrus fruits are so complete that we could take advantage even of the minimum portion in every piece, from its inner pulp to the rough peel which wraps it. But, It is this part in which we are going to carefully empathize to see the applications that it may have in food industry.

The different applications of the peel of citrus fruit, as the lemon or the orange, are rewarded by its aromatic features. Furthermore, it is no surprise its marketing accompanying sauces or as cocktails seasoning. Although, if we stop to consider, one of the highest uses that citrus peel has is as infusion additive.


For several reasons, infusions and citrus peel match perfectly, starting with the shared condition of being healing food. By linking the features of herbal infusions to the hesperidin of citrus fruit, which helps to reduce fat and favours its removal, we obtain the ideal drink for weight-loss diets.

Apart from the healthy appearance, we find positive features in other areas as in the flavour. The contrast between the bitterness added by the naringen, constituent of citrus peel which also provides benefits at cardiovascular level,  we can achieve perfect combinations for the customer palate and for its health.


It would be unfair not to highlight that citrus peel contain neohesperidin or pectin, serving the first one to sweeten and the second one as natural fiber which helps to maintain a balanced level of sugar in blood.

As we have seen, citrus peel have a great utilization in the food market as a useful seasoning in different types of infusions, as it can be the black tea or the green tea, enhancing its flavour and adding a plus in properties.

In Pilmifresh we had a wide variety of peels and citrus slices for its use in the food industry: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, blood orange and yuzu. Furthermore, we offer the citrus peels in half-moon slices, also in segments: quarters, eights and dozens. Citrus peels are available in strips, dices and gratings. Contact usfor more information.

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