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So let’s talk  about apples. When it comes to apples , it is probably the most complete fruit you are going to be able to find. The growth of apples goes back to ancient times just like humanity and thank to its variety we can find for all kind of taste.

It was typically grown in the Asian and European continents now it has extended all over the globe. This makes it one of the most cultivated  and harvested fruits in the world.  Mainly produced in China, USA, Turkey and Poland .

Although in this last campaign  Poland has been greatly affected by  the weather adversities which puts Spain in a very good position when it comes to production and the price rises due to the descent of the  of the production in the European continent.



You know what they say ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away”  and this is not far from the truth. When it comes to the benefits that  apple has  we find the possibility  to reduce the risk of  certain  diseases due to its phytochemical substances and its organic acids or pectin.

Because of its pectin and its flavonoids,  apples help reduce high cholesterol levels if its eaten daily.

Pectin is also responsible that apples stimulate the blood sugar reduction. Thanks to that, is an ideal fruit for people that has diabetes.



We can find in the apple a great ally against constipation due to its high fiber level. Makes an ideal job in the bowel thanks to, once again to the pectin, absorbing all the waste that we might find in it.

It has many vitamins, among them Vitamin C. The contribution of Vitamin C that we find in apples covers 30% of what our body requires daily.

What’s more it provides an interesting quantity of boron, is a mineral  that contributes among other things to prevent osteoporosis. In addition , it is worth mentioning that the flavonoids and tannins give the apple anti inflammatory and astringent properties.



In Pilmifresh, we want you to have the frozen apples in a different varieties so you can enjoy it anytime you’d like.

We offer  with the main kinds of apples like Golden delicious and all the varieties of Gala apple. We offer apples cuts, sliced apples and diced apples.

We also offer apple in a variety of ways such as apple juice,  apple juice concentrate  and apple puree. Which can all be used in many different ways in all kind of recipes from sweet to savory.

Our clients can contact us  for further information or any kind of requests.

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