Crhistmas melon or Santa Claus melon Piel de Sapo


Summer is a great time to enjoy fruits and vegetables, especially fresh produce that helps us deal with the suffocating heat. But hold on, we cannot fool ourselves. There are fruits that  reign over others when it comes to freshness. That is the reason why the melon fruit, rough on the outside and sweet on the inside stands as one of the best  fruits to eat during those sunny beach days. 

Its crispy and yellowish pulp hides under its compact appearance has great quantities of water.  Melon comes from the cucurbit family, it is perfect to  help us hydrate during those hot summer days.

The recipes and combinations are  many being that it is a fruit so easy to use.  Besides having many benefits for our body, it entice us to get carried away by its sweetness blending it with  any other kind of food even savoury.



Beside its amazing sweet taste, the melon provides great amount of water to our body being that is a diuretic. It helps us eliminate toxins and it helps reduce water retention. Thanks that it is produce throughout the whole year and that it is very low in calories. Melon is a great option to eat without worrying about a calorie overload.  

What’s more, the honeydew melon and the cantaloupe help fight aging.  Not only that, but is recommended for people with diabetes and obesity problems. Contrary to popular belief, it sweet taste doesn’t mean high sugar content, being that its sugar level its very moderate. 

There are many health benefits that the melon provides. It strengthens bones and teeth, red blood cells and immune system. Adequate intake is recommended for people who suffer bowel irregularity. Thanks to its high water content and  laxative properties it helps maintain a healthy digestive tract. It also contains magnesium, which provides its laxative power.



Beside the taste and amazing aroma, the melon is a fruit that  has amazing properties when it comes to health due to the minerals and vitamins  it has. Let’s begin with minerals like potassium. It contains a good percentage of potassium which contributes to  improvement of the nervous system, it generates a normal muscular activity and balance the water levels in our cells.

When it comes to its vitamins, it contains vitamin C and pro vitamin A or beta-carotene. The melon has many antioxidant properties which are provided by the vitamin C in it. Vitamin C  is needed for the building and maintenance of collagen and it improves the levels of iron in our organism. The beta- carotene which becomes vitamin A, helps with vision and with skin and hair. Plus, improving the immune system. 



In Pilmifresh, you can have the best frozen melons. We have the best suppliers in all the Spanish territory. The most known melon types are the Santa claus melon  known also as the Christmas melon or honeydew melon  and the cantaloupe. The santa claus melon is the one that it is consume the most in the mediterranean. It has a thick, green-striped outer skin and white inner flesh.  While the cantaloupe melon has a round shape and  an orange tone inner flesh. 

We have different formats of melon available that makes it easy to incorporate in the food industry such as :  melon slices, melon chunk, and melon balls.  We also offer  melon juice and melon concentrate.

Our customers can contact us for more information and to request any of these formats.

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