We all know that consuming fruits and vegetables is essential for a well-balanced diet and to take advantage of all the health benefits they provide us . Pears are no exception. Pear is a very nutritious fruit. They offer a significant amount of nutrients and they are perfect for every day consumption. From the Rosaceae family, the pear is present all year round and has a number of very interesting varieties. Pear originated in China and Asia minor and also in the middle east.

Given its variety and state of maturity, the pear has different colors in both skin and pulp. It is a refreshing fruit similar in size to the apple but with a shape that might well resemble a light bulb.

With all its varieties , it is easy to incorporate in our daily diets. Now let’s discuss the benefits and properties of the pear.



Like most fruits with high water content, the pear is perfect for the digestive system. This is because, the pear is a great source of fiber. Thanks to this, the pear is a piece to take into account to fight constipation or prevent inflammation of the colon.  It is great for our gut health.

The pear is also a great ally to lose weight . Due to its satiating effect, it is a fruit recommended in slimming diets. In addition, being low in calories, the pear is ideal for any healthy diet being that this sweet fruit has zero fat. It is also known that pears encourage detoxification because of its fiber content.  Its fiber content helps to reduce high levels of cholesterol or hypertension.  It also reduces fluid retention and it has anti-inflammatory capacity.

Pear is a complete fruit. It provides our our organism great benefits besides the above mentioned.  It protects our cell from damage. They may possibly reduced the risk of diabetes 2 and may also reduce the risk of cancer.



Water, minerals and fiber are the main properties that the pear brings to our organism.  Pears contain pectin which is a fiber. One medium pear contains 24% of our required daily fiber intake.  It’s high water content helps our digestive system.

Due to its high potassium content, it’s a good option if you are lacking this mineral in your diet. The tannins contained in the pear are one of its best properties. It gives the pear its astringent and anti-inflammatory effects.

Thanks to its iron content, it is used in diets against anaemia and for the strengthening of red blood cells. It also contains elements of vitamin B that help to prevent heart disease.

They also contain a high level of antioxidants, including vitamin C , vitamin K and copper which support our immune system.



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Pears can be easy incorporated into our diets being that they can be used in many different dishes in all kinds of cuisine or just to enjoy on it own.

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