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If there is an appealing  fruit  that takes us to most exotic places just by looking at it that would be the pineapple. Luckily, we do not need  to travel  to faraway places to be able to enjoy its sweet, juicy, yellow pulp because in Pilmifresh we offer a delicious pineapple which you can enjoy any time of the year.

The pineapple is also known as anana. It stands out by its unique appearance and color.  The striking  pineapple is  an oval-shaped with a tough  rind with green to red and yellow tones with stocky leaves around its stem on top that resembles a crown making it even more particular.

Its juiciness, sweetness and aroma are some of the things from this exotic fruit  that dazzle you  not to mention its amazing properties and benefits.




Like it is  already known the pineapple  is a  diuretic. Thanks to  the bromelain, which breaks down the protein, it helps  digest our food better.

Another great benefit is the fiber it contains. With its laxative power, it aids our digestive tract for a better functioning. Not only that, but it also helps lower the cholesterol in the blood and it is recommended to people with diabetes to help lower their  blood glucose.

The pineapple, for its abundance in potassium is highly recommended to fight hypertension or  any blood  flow disorder.  This is attributed to  the  carbohydrates that it contains.




The carbohydrates that were mentioned before, are important no only because they are beneficial for our blood flow  or hypertension but  they also give us an energy boost because of its slow release.

Vitamins are also an  important property of the pineapple.It contains vitamin  A, B  and C being one of the most beneficial fruits when it comes  to the vitamins it contains. This helps slow down aging. Thanks to the vitamin C it contains it is ideal to prevent degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases  and cancer itself.

It has a great amount of water, making naturally satiating  and very low in calories.  We must  say that this fruit is high in minerals like potassium like it was previously mentioned, iron and magnesium.



The main producers of pineapple are Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Philippines and Costa Rica. In Pilmifresh, we have the best suppliers from the countries  mentioned offering the best quality pineapple to our customers.

In Pilmifresh we offer canned pineapple and frozen pineapple that can be used in many different kind of ways from savory dishes to desserts.  Pineapple is one of the most reliable fruits not only it is nutritious but also  versatile. It can be mixed with  almost any kind of food. We offer pineapple in segments, pineapple in slices and pineapple in dices. We also offer pineapple concentrate, pineapple pulp and pineapple  juice which can be used for smoothies, cocktails, culinary flavor or even as meat tenderizer.

Our customers can contact us for more information and to request any of these formats and varieties.

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