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If we begin to think about the Mediterranean diet tons of recipes and characteristic ingredients come to our mind. But if we shorten our search to one vegetable, tomato will be star in the Mediterranean cuisine.

 The question that has always surrounded the tomato has been ” Is it a fruit or vegetable? “. The origin of these doubts started in the XIX century when they started paying taxes from the vegetables they were importing. The merchants argued that the tomato was a fruit because it had seeds. The administration made the decision and they had to pay taxes for it even though the merchants were right. 

Therefore, we are talking about a very versatile fruit used in many dishes around the world. Spain is one of the main producer and exporter of this amazing fruit. Having the best quality crops and  variety.

The great variety of tomatoes allows us to have different types to be used in numerous recipes. Something that here, in Pilmifresh  we keep in mind and we offer different all those kinds and variety of tomatoes. 



The tomato is a food with many health benefits. Tomato is one of the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene which aids against cardiovascular diseases. It also helps reduce other diseases like early aging, alzheimer and diabetes. 

The tomato stands out for its benefits against cancer aiding against prostate and bowel cancer. It also serves as an effective antioxidant thanks to the lycopene that is responsible for its red color.

The  HIDA sauces and creams are ideal for many recipes like pasta, meat stews getting the all the benefits from the tomato with these amazing sauces. They also offer a great range of light products for those that also like to take care of their weight. Tomato sauces favor the intake of lycopene being that is a cooked food. 

For more information on HIDA products you can contact Pilmifresh.



The tomato besides being nutritious and delicious it is also very low in calories being that is 95% water of its total composition. Its seeds, pulp, skin provide the necessary fiber that our body needs for an optimal intestinal function. 

Tomato contains vitamin A and C. It also contains some vitamin E. Providing the antioxidant properties. These vitamins prevent tissue degeneration and they contribute to better our immune system. 

When it comes to minerals the tomato has a great amount of potassium which helps level the amount of water in and out of the cells.  It has a smaller amount of phosphorus and magnesium which helps build strong bones and regulate muscle and nerve function. 


In Pilmifresh, we handle different  kinds  and cuts of frozen tomatoes.  Our main focus is to provide the best quality to our clients. We have the best producers all over Spain. 

The tomato is much more beneficial if it is cooked that is why in Pilmifresh we offer tomatoes and cherry tomatoes for its use in the  food industry  in all its forms.  From  traditional Spanish dishes like gazpacho to tomato sauces, tomato based soups, fried tomato.

Let’s talk about Gazpacho. Gazpacho is one of the most traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine. Is a characteristic, refreshing and nutritious recipe.  Tomato is the main ingredient giving it a special touch that blends well with the rest of the ingredients that are oil, vinegar, onion, cucumber, green pepper and garlic, so the result of this mix becomes a harmonious soup.

We are always thinking about our client needs therefore, we have tomatoes and cherry tomatoes in different formats such as diced tomato, sliced tomato, tomato in quarters, tomatoes in halves and of course whole tomatoes. We also offer the organic options for both. 

To fulfill our clients needs we offer a great range of processed tomato also.  We offer tomato juice, gazpacho in different formats, tomato sauce, tomato juice concentrate,  which can be used in a variety of recipes in different types of cuisine. 

Our clients can contact us for further information and to order any of these formats. 

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