frozen yuzu


This appealing small, yellow citrus fruit called Yuzu that looks a lot like any other citrus fruits, it has a unique flavor and very strong fragrance.

They yuzu like every other citrus fruit originated in Asia and it’s believed it is a hybrid of mandarin orange and ichang papeda.

The yuzu is a strong fruit being that is able to withstand freezing temperatures.  This fruit has many benefits and wide variety of uses from therapeutic to culinary.



The yuzu with its bitterness has many benefits besides its wide variety of uses . Let’s begin mentioning all the great benefits this citrus fruit has.

Recent studies have shown that fragrances created with this citrus fruit help relieve anxiety and tension , allow restful sleep and it also helps removes emotional stress.  Its refreshing effect has it’s great on the mind.

It also plays an important part when it comes to skin care. It helps brighten the skin and it  rejuvenates it. Oils are created with it to aid our skin.

It is also antibacterial. It aids with diseases like the flu, cold and sore throat. It also has anti inflammatory properties because of the antioxidants in it that contribute to a strong immune system.  It has anticoagulant properties. It is very useful to avoid blood clots.

Another benefit is that it contributes with brain health.



The properties of the yuzu are similar to every other citrus fruits but in some its far superior. For starters, yuzu contains three times more vitamin C than the lemon.  Therefore, its anti inflammatory properties .It is high in antioxidants.

Another great property is the organic acids it contains. These acids are great for people who work out because it reduces fatigue and it helps with resistance.

And last but not least it is worth mentioning that it contains vitamin P or bioflavonoids. Vitamin P helps with blood circulation and collagen. It also helps with the intake of vitamin C.



In Pilmifresh, we provide different formats of frozen yuzu We offer yuzu juice ideal for a well-balanced breakfast. We offer yuzu pulp in segments and in slices.  We also offer yuzu peel in strips, zest and in dice.  Ideal for all kind of culinary uses.

Thanks to all of these formats  our clients can incorporated in any dish. Please contact us for more information.

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