frozen quince

Quince is a peculiar fruit with a wide range of proprieties which make it into a nutritious and sweet bite. We can obtain different productions from it so as to make the most out of its multiple varieties.

In Pilmifresh we offer frozen quince of the best quality in slices, ready for integration in the food industry sector. Thanks to our freezing process, quince preserves all its freshness, quality and flavour.


Quince has a long list of benefits for our health, among which we may highlight its high fibre content. As a result, it is a suggested fruit to relieve different conditions of our organism, diarrhoea for instance, in this particular case due to its astringent effect.

It is a fruit recommended to decrease cholesterol, another property very usable regarding its commercialisation. Thanks to its sweet flavour and smell, it is the perfect snack for people who cannot eat food that raises cholesterol levels. Everybody can enjoy its sweetness.


Apart from everything mentioned, quince is a sweet fruit that matches perfectly with other food that can appear to have nothing to do with it at first. Owing to this, quince slices, sold by Pilmifresh, are perfect to mix with dairy products such as cheese, one of the most famous combinations.

Quince slices stand out for other uses, besides all the aforementioned. It is possible to make delicious meals for the confectionary industry with them, including marmalade. Also to decorate pies, cakes or bread rolls. Even delicious purees can be made, as quince slices from Pilmifresh are produced for multiple purposes.

You can enjoy the proprieties and benefits of quince, sold in Pilmifresh, by consulting our catalogue on our web page. You will find sliced quince, apart from other fruits and vegetables in slices and other formats. If you want to know more about this or other products, please contact us by filling in our form.

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