Ratatouille, the perfect mixed vegetables

retatouille pilmifresh

Vegetables are a healthy and complete food nutritionally talking. Full of vitamins and minerals, they serve as dressing, to complete recipes or even as a main dish.

Among them, in this space we are going to highlight the ratatouille, a french recipe which consists in mixed vegetables, tasty and with several possibilities. The ratatouille  is a french dish composed of a delicious vegetable stew.


The importance of a good ratatouille lies in the quality of the raw materials. Because of this, in Pilmifresh, we make sure of preserving the freshness and flavour in our freezing process, offering the best quality frozen vegetables.

The ratatouille mix, available at Pilmifresh, contains eggplant, zucchini, tomato, onion and red pepper. Each vegetable is prepared in the optimal cut for this type of recipe. This way, we ease tedious processes in the food sector.

Furthermore, each vegetable cut is thought to preserve the essence of the food, favouring in the process its freshness and nutritional integrity, ensuring the Pilmifresh’s outstanding standards of quality.


Thanks to the mixed vegetables contained in our ratatouille, it can be combined with several foods and/or recipes. Perfect to fill delicious wraps, pair with meats or fish in ready-made dishes or in wok sauteed. The cut and freezing of our vegetables ease its versatility.

The ratatouille available in Pilmifresh’s catalogue contains the previously mentioned vegetables, but for the convenience of our customers, we offer the possibility of modifying the vegetables included.

On the Pilmifresh’s webpage you are provided with the best quality frozen vegetable in different cuttings. If you want to enjoy our frozen vegetables ratatouille or you want to change some of the frozen vegetables included in our ratatouille, contact us for more information.

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