Roasted vegetable

The roasted eggplant is a tasty and healthy bite, perfect for enjoying this delicious vegetable at the same time as taking advantage of its multiple advantages. The roasted aubergine contains numerous vitamins as the type B or type A vitamin. The folic acid is another great incentive of this vegetable.

The roasted eggplant can be used as main course or as accompaniment in different recipes and food, because it is the perfect mixture for a healthy and balanced diet. Furthermore, our roast vegetables are planned for its marketing in the food industry sector.

In Pilmifresh we have roasted eggplant in dices, slices or grilled, as well as, other vegetables in roasted format, keeping all their freshness and nutrients. You can enjoy the vitamins, fibre, minerals and antioxidants of our vegetables, with the best quality and aimed to be used in the food industry.





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