roasted pumpkin

Roasted pumpkin

The pumpkin contains great properties which help, among other things, to improve our immune system. It is a healthy bite, nutritious or delicious which allows us to improve our body at the same time we enjoy its sweet taste.

Moreover, the roasted pumpkin is advisable for almost every age bracket. Indicated for people with challenging weight loss diets, it is also recommendable for people with sight issues. By being roasted, it does not need more cooking or preparation and can be consumed perfectly taking advantage of its benefits.

In Pilmifresh we offer roasted pumpkin in dices, slices and grilled, preserving all the food freshness, aimed at the food industry sector. Our roasted pumpkin fits perfectly in food preparations and combines with  industrial level confectionery. In our catalog, you will find the complete range of roasted vegetables. For more information, contact us through our form.





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