calabacín asado

Roasted zucchini

The roasted zucchini is a widely used format for taking advantage from this healthy vegetable. This type of preparation is really useful to be combined with other vegetables and, this way, you can join its properties as the high fibre level or its few calories to other vegetable benefits.

At any case, the roasted zucchini is rich in benefits food but also in taste and texture. The roasted format brings under the spotlight all the capabilities of the zucchini, widely unnoticed, allowing us to rediscover a vegetable with many things to offer. Whether for vegetable combinations for barbecues, mixed vegetables or complete stir fries, the zucchini is always a great choice.

In Pilmifresh we provide roasted zucchini in dices, slices and grilled perfectly preserving and keeping its characteristics untouched. You can enjoy our roasted zucchini as well as other roasted vegetables visiting our catalog. If you need more information, you can also contact us through our form in our contact page.





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