Roman cauliflower or simply romanesco is one of those vegetable and culinary rarities that hides behind its exotic and capricious shape, an endless array of nutrients that make it an interesting food. It is a vegetable that agglutinates the major proprieties of various plants.

Due to its appearance, it may remind us of vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. That is no result of chance, as it is a type of cabbage. In Pilmifresh we make sure we offer frozen romanesco of the best quality, paying special attention to keeping its freshness.


Romanesco is a vegetable that contains numerous proprieties. If there is one thing that stands out among its nutrients is its supply of copper, magnesium or potassium. These minerals are essential for the right functioning of the organism. That is why they are necessary for every person.

In romanesco we find other benefits such as an important amount of vitamins, in which it is possible to find vitamin A, or an ideal protein supply for people who follow training plans based on muscle workouts.


To facilitate the use of its nutrients, and created for the convenience of the consumer, in Pilmifresh we work with different formats of romanesco. In this way it is possible to enjoy frozen romanesco from Pilmifresh in salads, as a side in meat or fish dishes, vegetable purees or steamed vegetable meals.

In Pilmifresh we have romanesco florets, diced romanesco and romanesco rice. In addition, we have a vast catalogue where you can find frozen vegetables and fruits of the best quality. For more information check our contact page.

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