Segments of citrus fruit and its veratility

citrus segments

They are also known as citrus fruit’s supremes, overall in the realm of haute cuisine and restaurant services. Delicious and selected parts of fruit, more specifically from the citrus family. Their benefits and properties are contained by their appealing look, relentless juiciness and intense scent. We are talking about citrus segments.

The biggest part of the qualities of these magnificent fruit pieces reside in them, nutritious and tasty at the same time. Citrus segments’ versatility enables the existence of several combinations for their use.


The citrus segments are ideal pieces to accompany ready-made dishes since they perfectly match with salty food recipes, but also in desserts and confectionery in the food industry sector. A good way of adding a healthy touch to other types of food.

Furthermore, it can be served in either cold or hot ready-made dishes since the citrus segments possess the highly demanded versatility in cooking. In Pilmifresh, we ensure about carrying out an optimum freezing process to maintain the freshness and scent of our citrus segments untouched, prioritizing the product quality at all times. 


Pilmifresh’s products aim to satisfy the needs of the food industry. Due to this, our frozen citrus segments are thought to be combined with a wide variety of products. To the ones mentioned above, we can add all varieties of dairy products.

Pilmifresh’s frozen citrus segments are perfect to create delicious and nutritious shakes for subsequent sale to the public, for example, orange shakes or tasty mixes of fruit juice and milk. 

In Pilmifresh you can find citrus segments in three different formats: 5 kg. boxes, 10 kg. and 18 kg. This way, you can enter our web page and check the varieties of citrus segments we provide, among them you will find orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or blood orange.

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