Sweet potato

sweet potato


It is not a secret that sweet potato is what we call a superfood. This superfood came from America to Europe when the continent was discovered by Columbus. It has many similarities with the potatoes although they are not related. It took awhile for it to become part of our diet but nowadays it is more used in our recipes.

As a superfood, it has many benefits and thanks to this it has become more popular in our recipes and in our market. There are a variety of ways and recipes that we can enjoy this starchy, sweet root vegetable.



Like it was mentioned before there are many benefits that sweet potato offer us. Let’s begin with its antioxidant power known as beta carotene which is responsible for its orangey flesh besides aiding our immune system. Beta carotene helps our eye health and it prevents certain types of cancer.

Because of its flavor it might seem to be high in sugar but nothing is further from the truth. It does contain sugar but in very moderate amount which makes it even good for people with diabetes but of course in a moderate consumption.

Another amazing benefit is its anti inflammatory properties which aid our nervous system and it helps maintain the structure our cellular membranes.



The sweet potato  is full of amazing properties which are beneficial to our organism. All this properties and benefits have raised the question ” Are sweet potatoes healthier than potatoes?”  They both have their own benefits  but sweet potato comes ahead.

One of its  properties is the protein that it contains although it is not high it contains methionine which helps reduce levels of fat. What’s more, it contains high levels of beta carotene which is packed with vitamin A which is beneficial for the eyes and skin. It also contains vitamin C which helps with the repair and development of all body tissues. It is also good to strengthen our teeth and bones.

When it comes to minerals. It contains potassium and iron. Potassium helps with muscle development, which makes it perfect for those who exercise because it also reduces water retention. Iron is vital for the proper function of hemoglobin.



In Pilmifresh, we offer frozen sweet potatoes which contains all the benefits of fresh sweet potatoes. Being that is such a versatile vegetable it can be used in many dishes and recipes as a side, dessert and in any kind of cuisine. You can have frozen sweet potatoes diced, sticks and even sweet potato rice. We also offer organic sweet potato. All of these formats can be order through our Pilmifresh catalogue or you can contact us for more information.

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