The cantaloupe melon is a food which has numerous benefits under its rough peel. Adds a long list of nutrients to our body which thanks to its sweet and fresh flavour, make this fruit a very complete food.

The cantaloupe melon features range from its high volume in antioxidants as well as its high intake in beta-carotene, fibre or potassium. Furthermore, the high percentage in water and its rich texture make it a very versatile fruit.


The cantaloupe melon is a fruit provided in a variety of formats, in order to be enjoyed in different recipes. In Pilmifresh, the cantaloupe melon formats prepared for their marketing in the food industry sector, have the best quality and freshness.

This way, in Pilmifresh we offer cantaloupe melon chunks, prepared for its integration in dishes and in savoury or sweet preparations. Our cantaloupe melon chunks can be enjoyed as an accompaniment of a tasty summer salad or supplementing a tasty mixed fruit dessert.

The cantaloupe melon chunks on sale in Pilmifresh also have uses in the preparation of desserts and preparations from other products as it can be the dairy ones. Thus, they are a piece to be taken into account in food preparations at an industrial level.


In addition, in Pilmifresh  we have available other cantaloupe melon formats for their application in the food industry. Hence, we provide our customers with cantaloupe melon balls and cantaloupe melon in slices, highly useful for the confection of desserts, confectionery or bakery.

If you want to know more about the cantaloup melon and its formats, you can visit our catalog. In it, you will find a wide range of fruit and vegetables, in addition to the cantaloup melon chunks, cantaloupe melon in slices and cantaloupe melon balls.

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