There are different opinions in relation to frozen vegetables, some of them are based on misconceptions about its properties. The truth is that frozen vegetables are as healthy as the fresh ones since they keep their properties and benefits untouched.

Furthermore, in the case of Pilmifresh products, the quality is assured thanks to the perfect process of freezing which ensures the best nutritional state and condition. Because of this, Pilmifresh offers the best cutting methods for each vegetable, ensuring the perfect cut  for every food.


In the case of frozen vegetable sticks, as in the different cutting range offered by Pilmifresh, the format is thought to favour the product quality and to ease the customer consumption, as well as, its application in the food industry.

There are vegetables that, whether by its shape or its texture, favour the stick format and they keep common features among them. That is the case of the pumpkin and the sweet potato, either sold by Pilmifresh, which thanks to its unique flavour can be used in sweet or salty dishes.


Its marketing in the food industry has several points which can be approached, since frozen vegetables sticks can be used as a snack to dip in sauces and as a fun accompaniment in bakery or prepared stews.


Pilmifresh warrants an optimal freezing to maintain the quality and flavour of our products and all its freshness. Due to this, frozen vegetable sticks are so tasty and nutritious that they are advised to every type of routine; from the athletes which can take advantage of its features to the busiest people with no time to lose in the kitchen.

In Pilmifresh, we provide frozen pumpkin sticks in 10 x 10 x 40 mm size, frozen sweet potato sticks in 10 x 10 x 40 mm size, and frozen julienne courgette sticks. Contact us for more information.


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