yellow fig

Yellow figs have a strange form, but they are a very nutritious fruit. They have many positive effects in our organism and inside them there is an infinity of possibilities to take advantage of.

In Pilmifresh we offer various frozen formats of yellow figs, all of them produced with the food industry in mind. In this way, we offer whole yellow figs, in halves and in quarters.


Thanks to the freezing process we use in all our products, yellow figs sold in Pilmifresh preserve their freshness and properties. This and its characteristic flavour make them the perfect fruit to create both varied and healthy recipes.

The yellow fig stands out for its versatility when mixed in with other flavours. For example, we can prepare delicious sauces to give grilled meat or fruit salad a distinctive touch, as there are numerous possibilities for salty meals. They can even be turned into dipping sauces for crudités.


The possibilities of yellow figs go beyond readymade meals. Among its uses we also find deserts, pies, tarts or cakes. Using the different formats offered by Pilmifresh for the food industry, such as whole yellow figs, in halves or in quarters, one can make jams or sweet dressings with complete ease.

It is possible to make delicious tartlets topped with yellow fig jam, buns or cupcakes filled with yellow fig marmalade or tarts with yellow fig topping cut in quarters. All of them are delicious meals made using the yellow fig formats available at Pilmifresh.

You can find all the information about yellow figs in Pilmifresh product page. In our catalogue we have whole yellow figs, in halves or in quarters. For more information do not hesitate to contact by filling in our form.

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