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Banana is a tropical fruit with characteristics that give it a high energetic power for our organism due to the carbohydrates it contains and, to a greater extent, potassium. For this reason, it is a very popular fruit among athletes and offers many possibilities in the food and beverage industry.

Among the properties, as we have already mentioned, it is rich in potassium, but also in magnesium and other nutrients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid.

With so many beneficial components for the body, it is normal that it is one of the most preferred fruits of all. Aesthetically, it also has a totally characteristic and recognizable appearance, both for its shape and its color.


At Pilmifresh, we provide our customers with frozen banana pieces. By ensuring quality freezing through the IQF process, our frozen pieces are prepared for use in the food industry. With this objective in mind, we ensure that our processes guarantee the best quality of the banana, once treated.

Among our frozen banana formats you can find frozen banana slices. Formats for sale in Pilmifresh comply with strict cutting processes so that our customers can enjoy useful pieces in the practice of their own elaboration. 

From Pilmifresh we also work with different types of banana, in order to meet the needs of our customers in the most satisfactory way possible. Among the different varieties of frozen banana slices that we offer at Pilmifresh you can find dominico, macho, giant dwarf, apple, pear, purple and valery.

Among other uses of banana pieces, we have the preparations of smoothies or yogurts and also the addition of banana slices in different granola mixes. At Pilmifresh we offer the best quality frozen banana slices. We provide frozen banana that preserves all the properties of fresh banana.

At Pilmifresh we offer the best quality frozen banana that preserves all the properties of fresh banana. We put at your disposal frozen banana slices. Do not hesitate to consult with our professionals about the formats and import and export options that can best suit your interests. In our catalog you can find more products similar to frozen banana slices.