butternut squash

Available formats: dices, sticks


Butternut squash has a high quality vitamins 

Butternut squash is a vegetable of the pumpkin family, in this case more typical of the winter season. Its sweet flavor is very similar to that of the common pumpkin. Also, as this one, it offers a series of benefits for the health that turn it into a totally recommendable vegetable for different diets and for all kinds of people.

Properties of butternut squash are classified by different nutrients that provide benefits in various facets.  Surely, we can consider that its strong point lies in the amount of fiber that houses within hard skin. Thanks to its fiber levels, it is very useful for improving intestinal transit.

Another of the main properties of butternut squash is its content of several types of vitamins. Among its vitamins, we can find important amounts of vitamin C, important for multiple processes in the body. Vitamin E and provitamin A are also present in butternut squash.

Minerals are another relevant component that brings us benefits when consuming butternut squash. We can find some as basic as potassium, that helps in processes related to the brain, magnesium that collaborates in the muscular maintenance; in addition it also contributes phosphorus, iron and zinc.


Taking into account so many benefits, Pilmifresh works with the best quality pumpkin, applying freezing processes that ensure the integrity of the product and optimal conditions for its application in the food industry. That is why Pilmifresh uses the IQF process to offer frozen butternut squash in pieces with different types of cuts, thus seeking the best possible adaptation to our customers. 

Therefore, in Pilmifresh’s catalog we offer diced butternut squash, perfect to combine in salads with other vegetables or to use in a variety of preparations, both sweet and as an accompaniment in frozen mixes. We also offer butternut squash in sticks.

At Pilmifresh you can have frozen butternut squash, which preserves all the properties of fresh butternut squash. Thus, we have the best quality butternut squash, and we offer it in different formats. According to our customers’ preferences, we have diced pumpkin and butternut squash in sticks. We also have organic butternut squash.

Do not hesitate to consult with our professionals about the formats and the import and export options that can best suit your interests. In our catalog, you can find more products similar to the frozen artichoke in pieces.