Available formats: whole, halves, slices


Cherry tomato provide vitamins and minerals

Cherry tomato is a very popular fruit in recent times thanks to its low calorie content and its thanks to the commercial explosion of health food. It is a kind of tomato of small size but intense flavor. Among its main characteristics is its low calorie content, largely due to the weight of water in its composition. 

Among vitamins it contains are those of antioxidant power, something that runs in the family since they are also the forte of the common tomato. The main vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A. All of them are important for the body to complete different functions properly. 

Main minerals it contains are potassium and phosphorus. Potassium is a mineral that, among other functions, helps to transport oxygen to the brain and contributes to eliminate organic waste from the body. Phosphorus is important for bone formation. 

As we can see, cherry tomatoes have many nutrients and benefits. At Pilmifresh, we offer cherry tomatoes of the best quality, always seeking to provide a product that satisfies the interests of our customers. 


Thus, in Pilmifresh’s catalog our customers have cherry tomato in different formats, for better adaptability to the industrial food market. We have whole cherry tomato, cherry tomato halves and cherry tomato in slices. 

In order to provide the best quality of our products, in Pilmifresh we work with the most appropriate processes to ensure that food retains all these properties and can be subjected to different treatments later. That is why we work with freezing processes such as IQF.

Thanks to this meticulous care of our product, the frozen cherry tomato pieces from the Pilmifresh catalog can be directly applied in different preparations such as salad mixes or precooked pasta recipes. Also cherry tomato halves can be used in these preparations or even cherry tomatoes in rice to make delicious sauces. 

In Pilmifresh you can have frozen cherry tomato, which preserves all the properties of fresh cherry tomato. We have whole cherry tomato, cherry tomato halves and cherry tomato in slices.

Do not hesitate to consult with our professionals about the formats and the import and export options that can best suit your interests. In our catalog, you can find more products similar to the frozen cherry tomato in pieces.