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Lettuce is a very popular vegetable that is widely used in most parts of the world. Whether as an accompaniment to hot dishes, as a garnish in sandwiches or entrepans, or irectly as a main ingredient in salads. Although it is true that lettuce has never been considered a vegetable with great properties to offer to our organism, it is something that does not correspond to reality.

In a food like lettuce we are not going to find proteins, calories or carbohydrates in quantities to be taken into account, which is why it is often not taken into account as a valid or quality food.

However, what we can find are nutrients such as vitamins or minerals, in addition to its own characteristics: versatility when combined with other vegetables or foods, freshness as a contribution to the dishes it accompanies…

Among the vitamins found in lettuce, we can highlight a certain richness in vitamin A, important for the proper development of bones and tissues; vitamin B, vitamin C or D. All of them are important components in any food and food.

From Pilmifresh, we are convinced and committed to offer the best quality of frozen lettuce in order to provide the food industry sector with this kind of benefits. That is why we have different formats of frozen lettuce to meet the needs of the sector.

But lettuce not only provides us with vitamins, but also with a series of minerals that increase its capabilities. Among them, magnesium stands out above the rest, which together with its levels of calcium and phosphorus make lettuce a very interesting vegetable.

The properties and benefits of lettuce can be used in different ways, taking into account its versatility when treating it to create different consumption formats. We work with the IQF system to guarantee the quality of the frozen product, ensuring a first class product for our customers.

Pilmifresh has a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including lettuce in various formats, each designed to meet a different need in the industrial food sector. If you need more information about formats or quantities, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

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