Available formats: juice, concentrate, puree


Spinach contains minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. 

Spinach is a small leaf whose vitamin and mineral content is one of the highest per 100 grams. They are a natural source of vitamin A, essential for the formation of bones, soft tissues and mucous membranes. The richness of spinach in this type of vitamin makes it highly recommended at any age.
Spinach, like other green leafy vegetables, provides high doses of folic acid to the body. This type B vitamin is important for protecting healthy cells or preventing anemia, among other characteristics.
It also provides half of the daily intake of vitamin C needed by an adult, and its simplicity and adaptability when it comes to consumption allows us to have it in different forms, such as the delicious and nutritious spinach concentrates.
You can find at Pilmifresh catalogue spinach in juice, concentrate and puree.